Car Loan & Mortgage PAID OFF! YAHHHH!

I am so excited I can scream! Both my car loan and mortgage are finally paid off. I paid off my car loan before my mortgage, but I didn’t want to celebrate until getting rid of my mortgage. I made the final payment on December 21, 2011. Whoo hoo! I have been waiting for this moment since August 2000, the month and year I purchased my home. It took 11 years and four months to pay it off the full mortgage and I can tell you that the wait was so worth it. Paying off my mortgage was my Christmas present to myself, the best Christmas present ever. Well I got an iPad which I absolutely love but that’s just going to have to stay in second place. I didn’t seriously start to track the pay off of my car loan and mortgage until 2009. Click here for the details.

Now that I have no mortgage it’s going to feel a little weird not to have to give the bank money every two weeks. I have decided that I am going to save what use to be my mortgage payment, since I have been living just fine without that money anyways.

Saving my old mortgage payment won’t really be a New Years resolution since I made that decision last year. I actually don’t make New Years resolutions any more. Why wait until the beginning of a new year to try something new, or make a goal, or start fresh. Just do it when you want to change, and that could be any time through out the year. Besides I think New Years resolutions are over-rated. Gyms use this as a marketing tool to generate more business because many people want to loose weight for the New Year. Don’t get caught up in the hype surrounding resolutions. Do your homework if you plan to join a gym and NEVER give a gym access to your bank account. Check out community centers, their prices are often cheaper than larger gyms. Most condos have gyms as well, if you live in one or have a friend that does, take advantage of those gyms.

So what are some of the things that you want to accomplish?


  1. That must be a good feeling to have a paid off mortgage, cars are paid off, it felt good to get that title.

  2. cmwywec says:

    @ Lorillia it was an amazing feeling to get that letter from my bank saying my mortgage was paid off. They didn't say congratulations or anything, but that's okay. Then again why would they say congratulations for not paying them anymore interest.

    What's funny is a couple weeks after I paid it off, they sent me a letter asking me if I wanted to go back in debt. I thought, are you seriously kidding me. I shredded that letter in a few seconds.

  3. […] Car Loan & Mortgage PAID OFF! YAHHHH! […]

  4. […] Car Loan & Mortgage PAID OFF! YAHHHH! […]

  5. […] Car Loan & Mortgage PAID OFF! YAHHHH! […]

  6. Blogging says:

    […] Car Loan & Mortgage PAID OFF! YAHHHH! […]

  7. Credit cards says:

    What a great news at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am also excited to know this exclusive news because my car loan and mortgage are finally paid off. Thanks mate for knowing us this essential news at all. Keep it up :lol:

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  11. Donald says:

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  13. John Mclaren says:

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