8 Things That Will Prevent You From Being Rich!

I don’t think there is anyone out there that truly wants to be poor. Some times it just takes a change in mindset to go from being poor to rich.

Here are some things that will keep you in the poor house:

1. Getting money advice from someone who is broke. I am always amazed at people that do this. Would you go to a fat person to get advice on how to lose weight? Or would you go to a lawyer for medical advice? No and No! It sounds funny spelt out, but people get advice from their broke friend everyday.

2. Compulsive spending is one of the easiest ways to stay poor. It is so easy to spend money everyday. There are thousands if not millions of temptations out there. Everyone is trying to take your money, from radio ads, to magazine articles, to billboards, to commercials, it’s no wonder so many people are broke. The amount of advertising we see on a daily basis is crazy.

3. Gambling can be so addictive that it’s best to just stay away from Casino’s. To me, it’s just throwing money down the toilet. Do you ever wonder why there are no windows in Casino’s, or why the washrooms are usually at the back, or why the set up of Casino’s is like a maze? This is all purposely done to keep you in the Casino longer so you could spend more money. The odds are ALWAYS against you at a Casino. They have to win, which means YOU have to loose. They are a business and a very smart business. Think about it, if you won and they lost consistently, they would be out of business.

4. Get rich quick schemes! I am sure we all know someone who has tried to get us to buy into one of their get rich quick schemes. Usually greedy and desparate people fall for these traps. There are no short cuts to success. Any wealthy person will tell you that. Unless you win the lottery, which is very unlikely, or you receive an inheritance, chances are it will take some time to build wealth.

5. Procrastinators! I’ll get to it next week, next week turns into a month, and next month turns into 5 years. If you can do something now, just do it and don’t wait. Many procrastinators have missed some great opportunities.

6. Self control can be very difficult to master, but over time it becomes easier. It’s easy to tell someone else what to do, but when it comes time to telling yourself what to do, it’s always harder.

7. Giving up! Sometimes people give up too soon. Developing a mind set of NEVER quitting can take you down roads you probably couldn’t even imagine. My mom always says “don’t give up, because your breakthrough is right around the corner.” That little saying has gotten me through many hard times.

8. Someone who is highly dependent on credit, is someone who is living above their means, and will likely live in the poor house indefinitely. You have to spend less than you make. This is rule 101 of getting out of the poor house.


  1. bogofdebt says:

    I used to be a huge procastinator. I still will find myself sometimes slipping into that state of being, but I'm getting better. Taking the advice of someone who is broke is funny. I still get advice (unasked for normally) from people who want to "help" me get out of debt. Generally it's not very good advice.

  2. Daisy says:

    When I was a little younger, I took advice from broke people and I don't know why – I'd never go to a hair stylist with bad hair, why take money advice from a broke person?

  3. cmwywec says:

    @ Bogofdebt I am glad you're improving with the procrastinating. It is funny to take advice from a broke person, but people do it all the time.

    @Daisy I think we've all some time in our life have taken advice from the wrong people.

  4. Michelle says:

    I'm guilt of procrastinating! I just need to get things DONE.

  5. Those are some great points, especially the first one. Why would you ever trust someone who is broke?

  6. here says:

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  7. cmwywec says:

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