I Got Into A Car Accident!

I was driving out of a parking lot last week when someone rear ended me. How do you rear end someone in a parking lot. I wasn’t upset or anything because I know this kind of thing happens, but I am still thinking how do you rear end someone in a parking lot. It’s one thing if you’re driving and someone suddenly breaks in front of you, but that wasn’t my situation.

I came out my car to ask the driver what happened and he said he was too busy looking at me! Aww that’s sweet, and thanks for the compliment, but you’re still paying for my damage buddy!

He doesn’t want to put a claim through his insurance company, so he told me to get estimates and let him know. That’s completely fine with me. I still took all of his information just in case he decides to stiff me. In that case I will put a claim through my insurance.

I checked out two auto body shops and one estimate was $450 and the other was $489. There are a few scratches on my bumper, but they have to repaint the whole entire bumper to do a proper job. One of the auto body shops that I went to was all too eager for me to charge the driver who hit me more money and pocket the rest. He told me that he would give me an estimate for $450 and only charge me $350, so I could pocket $100. Isn’t that illegal? I will admit it’s tempting, but I am not doing that. After all rear ending someone could happen to anyone and if the tables were turned I wouldn’t want that to happen to me.

One of the auto body shops said it would take him a full day to complete the job and the other said he could do it over the weekend. I’ll check out one more closer to where I live to see if they could do the job in one day as well. I really don’t want to be without my car for a couple of days. If I put a claim through my insurance I would get a rental car for free. It’s definitely tempting to just go through my insurance, but I’ll give the guy a break.

Oh yeah, I also went to my doctor to get checked out just to make sure everything is okay with my back and neck. I really didn’t want to go, because I felt fine. But since my family kept nagging me to go, I decided to just get it over with. Thankfully everything looks fine.

Have you ever been rear ended or rear ended someone?


  1. Michelle says:

    Glad you're ok! Car accidents are the worst.

  2. edwardra3 says:

    That sucks. I think parking lot accidents are actually pretty common, because everybody's going in different and unpredictable directions. Espcially since so few people use a signal light in parking lots. Glad your okay.

  3. Contented Momma says:

    I was rear ended on an icy road day on the way to daycare. I knew she would hit me because she was going WAY too fast for conditions but I had nowhere to go (was waiting in the left turn lane with cars coming both ways). Thankfully I just let off the brake a bit and she didn't hit us too hard, but my son was frightened. Not bad enough for a claim or a new car seat, but it was quite fishy that she didn't have her license on her nor any insurance, but I don't think insurance is actually required in my state. I was still frustrated when I would see her dropping her kids off after that.

  4. Hah! What a way to introduce yourself after running into someone. 'I ran into your car because I was looking at you'. Hope he's got good insurance. The only time I was ever rear-ended was at a traffic light. The lady behind me spilled her coffee and in trying to keep it from pouring all over her interior, her foot slipped off the brake just long enough to crunch into me.

  5. Wow — I'm glad it wasn't more serious. Yes, you're right, it's illegal — don't do that — go to a body shop that doesn't suggest it.

  6. evencheap says:

    That's what I am going to do. His suggestion actually turned me off from wanting to do business with him.

  7. I'm glad you are doing ok!!!

    I got rear ended at a red light a year and half ago when I was pregnant with my daughter. I hit my steering wheel which knocked two of my front teeth out. After over a year of painful surgeries , dental implants, and $17,000 in dental work, I now have beautiful porcelain veneers (I had to get all of my front teeth done to match the ones that were knocked out).

    Unfortunately, it was a painful giant nightmare mess and I endured 6 or 7 painful surgeries as a result. It really sucked.

    I'm so glad that you weren't hurt. Dealing with accident injuries and insurance companies can be a complete nightmare.

  8. Yeah, she is perfect! I was only 4 months pregnant at the time so it was stressful thinking that she could have gotten hurt. My OB said that she was perfectly protected in there so she is just fine.

    The bad news was that since I was pregnant I couldn't begin getting my dental implants started until after I gave birth. This meant wearing a partial denture for 6 or 7 months until I could start getting dental work done. THIS REALLY SUCKED.

    My teeth look great now. Actually, they look perfect since I had to get them all porcelain. It was a tough road though…one I wouldn't wish on anyone. Dental implants involve drilling titanium into your gums. I also had to have multiple bone grafts. I'm so glad it's over.

  9. Madison says:

    I'm glad to hear you're okay!

    Thankfully I've never been in any sort of car crash. My husband has been rear ended twice in the past three years. The first caused no damage; basically it was just a small tap. The second caused a big dent on the corner of the bumper. It gave my husband some back and neck problems and he had to see a chiropractor for a while. The other person's insurance covered the repairs and all of his medical bills. Not once did my husband submit a claim to our insurance. Every phone call, every document, everything was done under the other person's insurance. That's what the police officer recommended my husband do.

    Hopefully you're able to work it out with the guy. I don't know if I'd feel comfortable not going through the insurance company.

  10. I've only gotten into one, and it was a winter day where there was a lot of snow and I bumped into another car. My bumper suffered a fair amount of damage, while the other car was ok. But that's it!

  11. You should drive a little more conscious next time, life is too damn short to waste it.

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  14. Free Samples says:

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  15. Sadak says:

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  22. Rover Parts says:

    well, i believe he was already doing it a couple of time already, as for the driver, lol, either he was trying to get your attention to date you, which is a pretty bad way, or he just sucks at parking

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  26. Lipozene says:

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