How Much Do You Pay To Look Good?

There is so much pressure to look a certain way in society that we pay a huge price to keep up our appearance, especially us ladies. Between getting our hair done, make up, nails, eyebrows, tanning, waxing, a tuck here a nip there, buying clothes, shoes, purses, and accessories. I mean it’s crazy what we’ll go through to look good.

I am guilty of doing things that I don’t necessarily need to do, but I enjoy looking nice, so some of the things are worth it. I was sitting in the hairdresser last week and I looked around at everyone getting their hair done and started adding up how much money the hairdresser probably made just from the people sitting in the salon at the time I was there. They easily made a few thousand dollars, and that’s not including the people who were there before I got there or the people who showed up after I left.

I spend $130 a month on my hair, but that’s something I am not giving up. I love when my hair is done. I could consider doing it myself, but I would just rather pay someone to do it.

Make up is something else I spend money on. I don’t wear a lot because I just don’t want to spend more time than I am putting it on, plus future hubby likes me o’natural. I wear a bit of foundation and powder, no eye shadow and rarely do I wear mascara. Make up cost me $50 every three months. No big deal here! I also buy face cleaning products which cost about $10 a month.

I pay $10 to do my eyebrows every two weeks. In fact they need doing now! I get them waxed because threading makes me cry, literally. Who am I kidding, waxing makes me cry as well, just not as much. I am such a wimp when it comes to pain that I actually tear up. Waxing doesn’t really feel much better, but it plucks more hair at a time than threading. I have to be completely crazy to pay someone to make me cry!

I don’t tan, tuck or nip anything. I am too afraid of the knife and I am black, so no need to tan. I know someone who removed fat from her thighs and put it in her butt. We all told her she was crazy and honestly her butt doesn’t look any different to me. She spent $3000 to get it done. The things we women will do.

Working out is another area that I would spend money on. I started working out when I was 18 and the only reason why I started working out is because I wanted to look good. Forget health, that was the last thing on my mind, it was all about looks then.(Yeah I know, I was shallow)

Shortly after I started working out I saw the Tina Turner movie What’s Love Got To Do With It starring Angela Bassett. When I saw Angela Bassetts’s muscles in that movie, that became my goal. I eventually developed some muscles, but I am still to this day not as muscular as Angela Bassett was in that movie. I guess over the years my focus shifted from working out to look good, to just wanting to be in shape and stay healthy. (Yes I’ve matured a bit since then)

I no longer pay for a gym membership because I have a gym where I live and I do the Insanity work out whenever I want a more intense workout.

So on average I spend $176 per month on my appearance not including clothes. I didn’t include clothes because I don’t shop regularly, which is something I need to do. It’s nice to buy a skirt or a new top here and there. I just have to make more time to do a little bit of shopping or buy some of Michelle’s clothes over at Making Sense Of Cents. She’s got some cute stuff.

How about you, how much do you spend to look good?


  1. Nurse Frugal says:

    The crazy thing is that I haven't spent anything in the past 3 months on my looks!! Maybe that's why I've been looking a bit scarier then usual? I used to spend about $150 every 3 months on my hair…..and now I'm considering having a friend cut it for $20 and letting my natural hair color grow out. I'm frugalizing everything, I don't even remember the last time I bought makeup….maybe Valentine's day?

  2. debtadviceresource says:

    I'm glad I'm not a woman. HARD WORK. I don't know how you women do it, i've got massive respect. It takes sooo much time and effort. As a guy we have expenses in aftershave, hairgel, haircuts and clothes but they are tiny in comparison. __Loved your article and I've bookmarked to come back :-)

  3. Nick says:

    Fortunately for me it comes natural ;)

    Ha! Seriously though, lately I haven't spent much. I've gone with diet over expensive exercise (and have been injured for almost a year, so I have only been able to jog/pushups/pullups, etc. – stuff I can do from home or in the office). Turns out I can get just as good a workout doing some weightless crossfit programs for free. Score! So I'd say I spend mush much less than $100 per month to look pretty…

  4. Madison says:

    I don't do much for my appearance. I'm just far too lazy to spend the time in the morning. And when I do have the time in the morning to put some makeup on, I get way too lazy in the evenings to take it off! So it's usually just a little foundation and I call it good enough.

    I used to get my eyebrows waxed fairly often, but now I just pluck them myself. I've had people screw up my eyebrows enough over the years that I just don't trust them. Like, thanks for making my eyebrows completely lopsided! So my eyebrows may look a bit less polished and clean but at least I know they're the same size on both sides!

  5. I don't spend very much monthly — three haircuts a year? Waxing eyebrows before an event? But it likely adds up to $1000 a year, including clothes.

  6. iheartbudgets says:

    I drop a good $4 a month, maybe. But I'm a guy, so it's pretty easy. My wife cuts my hair, I don't buy clothes but maybe once a year and I have an electric shaver. That's about it. Also, I work out at home, so that's free :)

  7. I love where we live on ecause no one really gets dressed up here. I hate the time wasted getting my hair done,so I wait until it is really bad, maybe two or three times a year, so $240 per year on hair. I don't use much makeup, maybe $50 a year. I do spend for exercise classes. I love spinning! About $30 per month on that. I bet with other things it's around $1000 a year.

  8. Edward says:

    I got my hair cut today because Great Clips was having a sale, $3 off. The hairdresser asked when my last hair cut was and I told her that I thought there was snow on the ground!

    Like most guys, my "beauty" needs are pretty minimal. Cheap 2-in-1 shampoo. I do buy the more expensive Dove soap because I have some sort of allergy to a dye or perfume that many other soaps use. I shave with conditioner because it works just as well as shaving cream and is a fraction of the cost. Multi-blade razor blades are kind of pricy, but the $30 pack of replacements lasts me several months, so it's only a couple times per year that I feel that particular pain.

  9. I like to look my best but I try to save money when I can. I shop at second hand clothing stores and use cheap makeup. I have to dress up for work every day so I have to look nice whether I want to or not.

  10. Miss T says:

    I must admit. I do spend money looking after myself because I think it is important. I don't mind spending money on high quality natural lotions that are good for me and not toxic. I also be sure to buy healthy makeup. It may cost a bit more but I would much rather pay than to put cancer causing chemicals on my skin. Needless to say my purchases vary from month to month but never get outrages.

  11. Crystal says:

    I've gone "classic self-employed"…I don't even brush my hair unless I am venturing out, hahaha. Even when I do leave the house, I only use $10 foundation that I need to replenish every 3-6 months. I cut my hair about once a year or two and sell the ponytail on Ebay (I'm not kidding…red hair sells, lol). And I spend about $100 a year on new clothes and under-garments. I am lazy…I'll admit it…

  12. thefrugaltoad says:

    Not much… Haircut once a month, shampoo & conditioner, maybe $20? I have an electric razor and those blades last 3-6 months.

  13. SB @ OCAAT says:

    Nah I am not paying much for looking good, neither my wife. We have nominal cost for attire, make up, jewelry and perfume

  14. I'm lucky that my job is not an office job so I don't spend a lot of $ on make up and hair products. My hair is tied up in a hairnet and I wear a hard hat. When I go out I put on a bit of makeup: concealer, mascara and a bit of foundation. Even the bf thinks that's too much and that I should go completely bare. He doesn't understand sometimes I just want to look nice for myself, not necessarily for other people.

    Haircut is 2-3 times a year $45/per visit, including tip. I have very thick, wavy hair. He seems to be the only one who knows how to cut it so that its low maintenance, and it still looks pretty good!

    I pluck my eyebrows myself and paint my own finger and toenails. I'm a pretty low maintenance gal.

  15. evencheap says:

    I do my nails myself as well, but my eyebrows, I just can't do it! It hurts too much for me to inflict pain on myself.

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  17. The way people spend money to look better they should also spend money on home to keep it attractive. Thanks

  18. spa for men says:

    Waxing makes you feel good about your skin. It leaves your skin soft and smooth. You can easily wear those sleeveless and backless tops and dresses without worrying about unwanted hair. Waxing is a great way to flaunt soft and glowing skin.

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