A Wedding Can Be Beautiful Without Breaking The Bank!

If you missed my post a couple Friday’s ago, I got married! It was a small and beautiful wedding. The day was absolutely perfect, it was exactly the way we pictured it would be. We had 30 people at our wedding and reception.

My day started off at the hairdresser at 6:30am. I left the hairdresser at 8:00am and went home to get my make up done. My photographer showed up right on time at 8:45am to take some pictures while I got ready. My mom cooked up a storm, so everyone would have some breakfast before the wedding. The wedding started at 10:00am, and I arrived at 10:30. I was quite upset at myself for being late. I hate having people wait for me.

After the wedding we all went to the park for pictures and then to the restaurant for the reception.

I am so glad we changed our mind from getting married at City Hall to a church. I know I probably would have regretted that decision. But honestly we were thinking of the most cost effective way to enjoy our day. We then thought of using a friends backyard which overlooks Lake Ontario. But when we checked out tent prices, we said heck no! I can’t believe the prices for tents here are $700! Plus we would have to rent chairs, tables and pay for food.  With our family, finger food wouldn’t cut it so we would have to cater a complete meal. We scrapped that idea.

Besides, if we took my friends back yard route I would have been so stressed out for two weeks leading up to the wedding. It was scheduled to rain that Saturday and just a couple days prior to our day, the forecast changed to sunny with cloudy periods. I was so happy we were able to get some nice pics at the park. Our reception was at a restaurant that we got for free. We just had to pay for food and the drinks. We didn’t have an open bar since we’re not drinkers, but we do have family and friends who drink, so we paid for one alcoholic drink and an unlimited signature fruit punch drink.

Here is how much we paid for our big day!

Free things:

  • Dress (mother paid for it)
  • Cake (mom made it, cousin iced it)
  • Limo (mom paid for it)

Paid things:

  • Invitations $22.59
  • Earrings and hair accessories $30
  • Flower girl dress and ring bearer suit $70
  • Pastor $150
  • Food $1471
  • Church $350
  • Keyboard and violin player $200
  • Hair $75
  • Make up for myself, my mother, maid of honor, and my aunt $100
  • Photographer $500
  • Marriage license $140
  • Park permit $116.39
  • Flowers $210
  • Suit rental for hubby $197
  • Decorations $216
Grand total for our big day was $3847.98 and it was worth every penny! How much did your wedding cost?



  1. bogofdebt says:

    I will let you know next year ;) We are looking into a park for our reception or a room at work. IF we do the room at work, it means no alcohol which would be okay by me but I know other people like to drink which is why we're leaning towards the park.

  2. evencheap says:

    Alcohol can really break the bank, especially if it's unlimited and you have a lot of drinkers. We offered 1 free alcoholic drink for everyone and only a few people actually ordered one.

  3. sounds like a perfect day! i wish i could get away with 30 guests but that wouldn't even include my dad's side of the family, so there would be heartbreak.

  4. Damn that's one awesome wedding budget! I'm afraid what mine will look like once we start booking more things. I went to a friends recently which was awesome and although it was quite small, they paid around $17,000 and I'm afraid with our guestlist nearing 100 ppl it might be more than our original budget of $10,000. But we'll see! Congrats btw!

  5. Congratulations! That sounds like a very sensible budget. As long as you didn't break the bank and you are happy with your wedding, then that all that matters.

  6. Mrs PoP says:

    Our wedding was less than $250! We eloped. =).

    But we held a little reception afterwards where we had about 30 people for a total cost of about $1K.

  7. Soso says:

    Amazing budget. If I read your post 11 years ago, just before I got married, I would have had a wedding. The costs were too overwhelming, we decided not to have a wedding. We will renew our vows and I will plan it better now that we can afford to splash a bit.

  8. Evencheap says:

    The cost can be overwhelming, but if you're willing to do a lot of the things yourself, and ask family and friends for help, you should be fine.

    Have fun renewing your vows!

  9. goals says:

    […] I got married […]

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