Credit Card Offers On Flights!

Have you flown recently and noticed that there are more advertisements than usual. I was recently on a U.S Airways flight from Rome and noticed there was a Verizon ad on the tray in front of me. I have become accustomed to putting down my tray to drink or eat my meal but this time I noticed a Verizon ad starring right at me. The first thought that came to my mind was, great idea on U.S Airways part for jamming every little corner with an ad, and my second thought was, how much did Verizon pay for that spot.

I then started watching a movie, which was constantly interrupted by the flight attendant trying to sell a MasterCard. After she interrupted my movie about 5 times, she then proceeded to walk down the aisle giving out applications for the MasterCard. I personally thought it was a bit much. Maybe she had a quota to reach! I mean it’s one thing if you want to have a kiosk in the airport offering MasterCard’s, but on the flight, come on! I was starting to think that maybe the flight attendants were getting some kind of commission for selling the MasterCard’s.
I don’t think anyone actually applied for one, but boy were they trying to jam those cards down our throats. After walking down the aisle, she actually went back on the mic to say they are offering an additional bonus for signing up on that day. I guess know one really wanted to get a card.
Has anyone ever been offered a credit card on a flight?


  1. I've never been offered a card that way, except when I check in at the actual kiosk. Sometimes the desk clerk will mention "You could have gotten that flight for xyz if you had our credit card."

  2. evencheap says:

    It was my first time being offered a credit card on a flight as well. I think they are going too far.

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