I Almost Relapsed!

Today is day 14 of my McDonald’s fast and it has not been easy.  For those of you just tuning in, you could check out my post on my fast here. I knew it would be hard,  but dang it’s really hard. Last week I was hanging out with my girlfriend and I was so hungry, and of course there was a McDonald’s right around the corner from where we were. I wanted fries so badly, but my friend encouraged me to get something else and so I did. If she wasn’t with me I probably would have caved. Instead of those nice salty fries I opted for barbecue chicken and rice, which was so much more healthier.

I still think I kind of cheated because I ate two bags of chips. Maybe I should have made a goal of fasting from chips as well. I mean they’re both fried potatoes with salt. Since I didn’t say I am not going to eat chips, I think I am still in the game. I’ve got two in a half weeks  left and I can’t wait.

I really never thought I could become so addicted to junk like that. Growing up I was never that kid that loved candy or chips. I would occasionally eat fries, but it was never this bad. After my fast I am going to have to start keeping track of how often I eat at McDonald’s. Maybe I should have a little fun by putting $5 in a piggy bank every time I eat there. Or I can give $5 to hubby every time. The latter would make me stop eating at McDonald’s all together. I’ll have to think about that one.

What I don’t want to happen is I limit McDonald’s and start going to Wendy’s. I really like their fries as well, just not as much as Mickey Dees. There are also not as many Wendy’s as there are McDonald’s. They seem to be on every street corner here. I’ll just have to pay attention to all my fast food stops to it doesn’t get too out of hand.

Do you have any favorite foods that you catch yourself eating way too often?


  1. Yes! In the breakroom at work, there are always tons of goodies. It takes everything I have to stay away from them- chips, cookies. Honestly, I have done terrible the last few weeks and have probably gained a few pounds. I need to stop.

  2. momoneymohouses says:

    I can be hard especially when you are in a rush and starving, but whenever I do go to say Wendy's I always try to get the grilled chicken burger and a salad (the least calorie filled things on the menu). I think eventually not eating McDonalds for so long, you won't even crave it anymore. I remember giving up chocolate for a month and man was that hard, but at the end of it, I didn't even want it afterwards.

  3. Canadianbudgetbinder says:

    Not really so much in Canada but when I was in the UK you couldn't get me away from full fat yogurt .It was cheap and it was so thick and good but fattening. I run alot so I didn't worry so much but I'm not paying $5.00 a tub in Canada for it so I crave it often. Good Luck staying away from Mc D's I would beat that challenge in a heartbeat been since I was a kid when I last went (except on free coffee day). Mr.CBB

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