How To Make Your Own Car Air Freshener

Today’s guest post is from Isabelle who blogs overs at She has perfected the art of making her own air freshners, and wants to share her tips. She says it’s cheap and they make great gifts. Check out her post.

Many of us treat our cars like our second homes. We eat in them, leave garbage in them and throw stuff in the trunk when we’re not sure what else to do with it. If this sounds like you, why not treat your car to a bit of TLC? With this quick, simple guide you can make your car smell less like a takeaway joint and more like a bunch of roses. (or anything else you want it to smell like)

Choose your shape

Firstly, you’ll need to choose what shape, image or word you want your air freshener to be. Although the classic shape is a tree, you can have anything you want. Even your name or a friend’s name would work, as long as it’s not too long!

Cutting & sticking

Draw a template of your design, and cut it out on a piece of cardboard before doing the same with a piece of fabric of your choice. To save on buying fabric, you could use an old tablecloth, item of clothing or even curtains. You’ll need to cut out two pieces of fabric, to stick with superglue on both sides of the cardboard.

Make sure you create a little rectangle at the top, in the middle of your word or image because you’ll need to be able to punch a hole in this part.

Pick your scent

Once you’ve stuck the fabric down, take some of your favorite oil and carefully drip about 10 drops over each side of the air freshener. Don’t go too crazy with the essential oil  though, as it’s usually pretty strong stuff! The best part about this bit is that you get to choose any oil you like. If you’re making a gift for a friend you can use a scent which you know they’ll love to add a personal touch.

Now wait for the air freshener to dry.

Nearly ready…

Use a hole punch to create a hole in the top of your air freshener. Make sure you do this bit carefully, as you don’t want to punch the hole in the wrong place as it won’t hang right.

Take a piece of ribbon, string or twine and thread it through the hole before attaching it to your wing mirror – making sure it’s not obscuring your view – and you’re done!

Top up you scent

You don’t have to make a new one when the scent starts to wear off. Simply detach the air freshener and top it up with more oil.

If you’re feeling extra creative, you could make a few in different shapes and scents to mix and match depending on your mood.

Get festive

It’s that time of year when we’re all trying to find unique presents for our loved ones without having to spend a fortune. You can make your air freshener gifts extra festive by choosing some Christmassy scents. Try cinnamon, ginger or fir needle essential oils, or play with combinations of oil until you find one they’ll love.

Make them into festive shapes like Christmas trees, holly berries or even Santa Claus. They’re cheap to make and are really thoughtful stocking fillers.

You don’t need to have a car to make your own air freshener. Make them for the house, and hang them over the door handles!

My comment: I never thought of making my own air freshner. This sounds super easy to do and would probably be fun to do with kids. I also like the idea of topping up the scent yourself. Some air freshners don’t last long at all, so I am constantly buying new ones.

Have you ever tried to make your own air freshner?


  1. Scented oil wick air fresheners are a new addition to car fragrances. Ambi-Pur is one of the most popular brands. It consists of a glass bottle and a porous wick that transports the oil to a plastic top, which has holders clipped on to the car’s air vents.

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