What’s Your Reason For Not Saving?

Saving seems to be on a lot of people’s New Year’s resolution list this year. I am all for savings, and don’t think anyone could ever go wrong with saving. I mean it is boring just to save for the sake of saving with no goal in mind for what you are actually saving for. But once you have an idea of what you want to save for, it makes things so exciting.

I found this neat infographic yesterday and I thought I would share it. 62% of the people that were surveyed want to save more. I wonder how many people actually are saving more. It’s easy to want something, it’s the doing that is difficult. I love where the chart says “Maybe you actually can have everything. Just not at the same time.” I am going to use that. There are so many things I want, but understanding that I can have them, just not all of them today, makes me feel a lot better.

Check out the desirability/affordability section and let me know what you think. Some things, I am just not willing to do without, such as my phone and television. Although I have been having a lot of fun on Netflix, I just can’t imagine not having cable. I speak to my cable company at least once a year to find out what deals they have. It’s a bit of work, but I have never paid full price for cable. Last week, I just got a free upgrade. It really pays to be nice to those customer service reps, you’ll be surprised what they can do if you just ask.

Eating out is no biggie for me since hubby cooks all the time and his food taste better than a lot of the restaurant food. It’s funny because we actually did go out to eat for his birthday a couple of weeks ago and after we ate, he said “I can make that” and he actually did, and it tasted awesome. He seems to have the ability to taste something and know the ingredients that are in it. I couldn’t for the life of me tell you what’s in food, unless they put ketchup in it. Lol!

What aren’t you willing to give up to save?


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  2. jeni says:

    My personal views on saving seem pretty much simple. Any urgent needs may arise at any time and these savings are going to give you a hand in those times. Well I have never been able to save more than a cent. I am trying to do more and I hope it will be a positive one by the end of this month. kevin trudeau free money website

  3. The above infographic is really interesting as it clearly displays why should be start saving. Great details shared.

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