Be the King of Energy Efficiency: How to Improve your Rating

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With summer on the horizon and blue skies trying to rear their heads, now is a perfect time to take a look into improving your energy rating. As temperatures increase outside, you will have more freedom to dabble with your home, ensuring it’s ready to go and warm as toast for when the colder months set in once more.

While home improvements are a major aspect of improving your energy efficiency, they do come at a price which isn’t always feasible. Many small changes can be done on a lesser budget too, such as changing your light bulbs to energy savers, or turning your washing machine down to 30 from 40. However, you’ll see more of a change in your utilities if you take a look at the larger changes that will require a little bit of investment.

If you’re wise with your money, or you take advantage of any of the government programs available, you could improve your home in no time.

Your Furnace

Whether you have an old conventional furnace and you want to replace it with one of the British Gas combi boilers or your current boiler has clonked out under the pressure, sprucing up your boiler heating system can make a massive change in your energy bills.

Take a look at the excellent initiatives available to help to afford the outlay and read about the various options.

Your Insulation

Take a look at your loft and walls and see whether there’s any room for improvement with regards to insulation. Topping up your loft cladding to the recommended 270mm can save approximately $50 a year, while insulated walls can save up to a massive $1000 annually.

Your Windows

While it may cost a lot initially, double glazing is a wise move, looking ahead to the future. If you’re staying in your home for a while, you can make the money back in no time. Double glazing can save a few hundreds dollars a year on your heating bills, while also keeping out unwanted noise pollution.

Sit down with a cup of coffee and take a look at how you can improve your home and energy consumption to save you money for the brighter things in life.

How do you save on energy?


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