5 Ways To Save On Comic Books

Anyone who grew up on a staple diet of comic books by Marvel Comics, DC Comics, The EtheringtonBrothers and other publishers has probably spent a small fortune following the exploits of his or her favorite superheroes, super-sleuths and other characters. Did you know that comic books have been around since the mid-1930s? The first comic books cost 10 cents each in the USA. By the 1970s, the price had risen to 25 cents. Now the average price of a comic book is $4 and it’s rising. If you are in the habit of buying one comic book a week, that will cost you $208 in a year.

Many young people spend a lot more money on comic books. If you are a voracious reader and have been looking for ways to save money without having to part with your favorite characters,then here are 5 useful ideas:

1. Buy old comic books: Most comic book shops make available old comic books from the 1980s and 90s, so that you can catch up on what you missed. imagine your parents, uncles and aunts poring over them when they were teenagers themselves. They too had their favorite superheroes and characters who were probably the same ones that you love so much. Old comic books cost between 25 cents and $1.

2. Buy during sales: You don’t have to buy comic books every day (or week) even if you can’t survive a day without them. Many local comic book shops regularly hold sales to increase business and also to clear old comic books. Find out where and when sales are going to take place and buy a copy each of as many of your favorite books as you can during the sales. You can keep abreast of sales by subscribing to comic shops’ newsletters.

3. Buy used comics: Some comic book shops buy used comics from scrap prices and sell them for a small profit. These comic books are often available from less than half the price of new books and are almost as good as new. Not all shops sell used comic books, so you may have to walk around the city actively hunting for the ones that do. Some street vendors also sell use comic books and they often charge you a lot less than what a shop would charge you.

4. Buy in bulk: Whoever heard of buying comic books in bulk? But you can actually save a lot of money on discounts by buying in bulk. Many distributors bundle together several issues of the same comic and cost of each bundle is often much less than the sum of the prices of all the books in the bundle. Sometimes, comic book collectors sell all or part of their collection because of financial difficulties or other reasons. You can get such comic books at a discounted rated.

5. Become a subscriber: Comic books are a type of magazine and they can be subscribed like a magazine. While subscription may not be available from all publishers, it is usually available from the big name publishers. By subscribing to your favorite titles, you can save the cost of a few books in a year. Subscriptions also ensure that you will not miss any issue.

In addition to the above, going digital is also a good idea for saving money on comic books. Some comic book publishers have a huge online library of their publications that are available for viewing or download. Buying comic books in a digital format is often cheaper and faster than buying from a book shop, but you should be aware of copyright issues when downloading them in compressed file formats.

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  1. Many people have an habit to read some interesting books always. and they spend lots of money on it. I think your ideas would help them in saving.

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