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onlinetradingBuying shares in a company gives you the opportunity to own a piece of a company that is publicly traded. The main goal is of course to make money either by a dividend that is paid, or a share price growth, or both. There are many companies that offer trading services that will allow you to buy and sell shares that you like.  ANZ offers online trading services through their website 24/7 and provides a wealth of data to assist you when determining which investments to buy.

Here are a few things you should consider when buying:

  • Do your homework  (Know what you are buying)
  • Buy shares only in companies you are familiar with
  • The company you are investing in should have a long history of growth stability
  • Thorough research is highly recommended with independent analysts and reports
  • Learn about buying shares if you are newbie

The benefits of buying shares are:

  • Capital growth

This is what everyone is looking for. Their stock to go up in price so they can either sell at the higher price, or celebrate now that their investment has just gone up in value.

  • Dividends

Shareholders are paid dividends in the event of share profits. Some companies allow dividends to be reinvested into new shares or in the form of an income. The dividends also have tax benefits.

  • Shareholder privileges

Shareholders in a listed company are entitled to receive general information on the company and are at liberty to vote at annual general meetings.  Privileges can differ depending on the type of shares you have.

  • Trading

Being able to buy and sell at your own leisure is a great advantage of buying stocks. You can access your account 24/7 and you can trade online from the comfort of your home. If you choose to buy stocks through ANZ it is quick and simple. You’ll own a piece of the pie in no time.

  • Diversity

Buying shares in a variety of different companies whenever you like is a huge benefit of trading. You can choose the company of your choice to buy shares in and you can choose to sell your shares in a different company. It’s up to you

Online trading has come a long way and there are many companies offering these services. Research and choose the best company that is going to meet your needs.

What company do you use for trading?

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