Attention Students: These 3 Tips Will Cure Your Money Problems Instantly!

college-picThere can be many stressful moments in life, especially when you’re a student in college. During those years, you may find it tough to scrounge money together and survive. So, I have some financial tips to help any students in need:

Eat Well For Less

A big reason many students have no money is because they spend too much on food. We’ve all heard of the typical student diet. It consists of fast food and microwave dinners almost every night. When you think about it, this diet can be costly. Plus, as a student, you may have no idea how to shop for food properly.


Are you one of those students that  just goes out and buys everything you want all at once? Well, with a few clever tactics, you can make healthy meals and save loads of money. Stay clear of branded products. You’ll be surprised at how much more expensive they are. A big example is with cereal. Kellogg’s cereal costs way more than store brand cereal. Is there a difference in taste? Another tip is to stop buying ready made meals. You may think this is convenient, but it costs too much. You’ll save money by buying individual ingredients and making it yourself. The more you save, the more financially secure you’ll be during your studies.

Sell Unwanted Items Help Out Around The Campus

Do you have a lot of unwanted junk? Think about all the clothes you’ve bought and don’t wear. What about those DVD’s and video games on your shelf collecting dust? There are probably loads of things you can find lying around your room that you can sell. In fact, you can make some extra cash selling back a textbook or two. Every year, you need books for your classes. Then, they become useless, and it’s wasted money lying around. Other students will need them, and you can sell them for instant cash.

Help Out Around The Campus


Most colleges have opportunities for students to work. These include payment for helping out on open days or big events. You may even be able to get paid by older students to take part in their final year research project. Take a few surveys and sit in on some focus groups and you’ll earn some extra cash. Have a look around your campus and see what opportunities are around.
This article is perfect for any students out there that need financial help. Or, if you have kids that are students, share it with them to give them a helping hand.

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