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Thanks for stopping by Call Me What You Want, Even Cheap! The name of my blog comes from many years of my friends and family calling me cheap. Personally I don’t think I am cheap (joke), I just watch how I spend my money. Okay maybe I take it over board at times like when I compare the milliliters to the price of a bottle of soap to see if it makes sense to buy one bottle over another. I can’t be the only one that does this!

Anyway, I am 32 33 years old and recently married, so I guess that makes me a newlywed! I started to seriously track my mortgage and car loan pay off balances in February of 2009. By December 2011 I paid off a total of $95,778.52, which included my car loan ($15,087.21), and mortgage ($80,691.31). It feels great not to have a car loan or mortgage payment any more. Since I have been living without a mortgage payment for some years, I have decided to save my old payment. It was $809 bi-weekly, I rounded it up to $1000. I figured If I could save $809 I could save $1000.

I have written a series on my debt pay off right here. Check it out to see how I got rid of all that debt in less than 3 years. Please feel free to share your tips as well, so we can all learn what you did or what you’re doing to get rid of your debt.

I’ve been working in the financial industry since I was 18, I can’t believe it has been 15 years already. I was just a fresh kid out of high school then. Well I guess a fresh adult out of high school since I was 18. I sure felt like a kid then! Who are we kidding, I still feel like a kid.

I have definitely seen and learned a lot over the years, but I still think I can do better when it comes to money management. There’s always something to learn! I hope to learn some things from you as well as share my journey as I continue to gain financial independence one cent at a time.

Thanks again for visiting and feel free to follow CMWYWEC via twitter or facebook. Or you may contact me directly at callmewhatyouwantevencheap@gmail.com.


  1. Wow! Paying off $96,000 in debt in one year is hugely inspirational! Thanks for the motivation to help pay down my rental property mortgages!

  2. Canadianbudgetbinder says:

    Good for you, wow that's a lofty goal you set out to meet but you did it! I'm sure many people will be inspired by your journey and what you learned and continue to learn along the way. Mr.CBB

  3. Living Debt Free Rocks! says:

    Amazing accomplishments and best wishes for your continued financial health.

  4. Thats Awesome you paid off the house. I noticed you quit your day job and are now doing business activities for income, is it just website businesses or other non-internet stuff?

  5. marety says:

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  6. addisonjones says:

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  7. janzuber says:

    So lucky. Congrats on your marriage.

  8. Yes, this is fantastic. Keep up this good work. Having finances in order really makes a difference. My wife would LOVE if I would be more like you.

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