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4 Ways to Cut the Cost of Buying Designer Clothes

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Those into fashion most likely dream of having a wardrobe full of designer labels and the latest fashions. However, designer labels and couture often cost a lot of money, which means that the average person only manages to buy a select few designer pieces, and these are usually reserved for very special occasions.

However, if you feel like upping the fashion stakes and filling your wardrobe with as many well-known labels as you can get your hands on, there are ways and means to get designer clothes on the cheap – without having to resort to fakes. All you need to do is be a little savvy and you could soon be tripping around in a pair of Jimmy Choo heels, clutching the latest Prada handbag and showing off your new Armani jeans.

Tips on buying designer labels on the cheap

Wearing designer labels can make you feel special, confident, and stylish – and the great thing is that even if you get them at rock bottom prices, nobody else will ever need to know. So, you can enjoy showing off your designer gear to the world while secretly enjoying the fact that you paid only a fraction of the normal price.

If you need to raise some cash to put towards your new designer wardrobe, it is well worth considering getting rid of some of your old clothes. This will enable you to raise some cash for your wardrobe overhaul and will help to create more room for the new stash of designer gear that will hopefully be coming your way. You can earn money on your old clothing easily by finding a we buy clothes for cash website.

Some of the ways in which you can cut the cost of designer clothing includes:

Check out the charity shops: If you’ve never shopped at a charity shop before, you will be surprised to learn that there are many who do end up with designer clothes from generous donators, and in some cases the clothes are as good as new. So, you can enjoy getting your hands on the latest designer gear, paying rock bottom prices, and doing your bit for charity all at the same time. At a time when charity shops need support more than ever, this is a great way to look for designer clothes.

Wait until the sales: If you want to add a range of designer labels to your wardrobe and you are prepared to bide your time, you can wait for the sales to start in order to get your hands on some bargains. Depending on the retailer and the time of year, you can get some great deals, so this is definitely a good time to shop for your big name labels.

Go online to get a bargain: You will find that there are a number of online designer label outlets that can offer deep discounts on the cost of designer labels. Some offer clothes and accessories from a range of big name designers at just a fraction of the regular price, so you can bag a bargain without even leaving your home.

Head to an online auction: There are many people who put their designer gear up for sale on auction sites, either because they do not want them or because they need the money. This could be your chance to get a really great deal. However, make sure you reserve your bid until the last minute otherwise every bid you place will simply help to drive the price of the item up.

These are just a few of the ways in which you can cut the cost of your new designer wardrobe and wear those big name labels you always wanted to get your hands on.

What are some ways you use to buy designer clothes?

10 Christmas Gifts For Under $10

With Christmas just around the corner, it’s time to do some holiday shopping. The season of giving also means the season of spending. If you are on a tight budget this season, check out 10 things you can buy under $10. 

1. Books

Children should be blessed with knowledge through imagination. What better way to give this to them than through children’s books that are less than $10. Books with colorful illustrations will inspire the young minds to create a world of their own.

2. Timeless Christmas Movies

Though low in price, classic movies are high in value. These digitally remastered DVDs include the titles: Scrooge, A Christmas without Snow, Miracle on 34th Street, and Beyond Tomorrow. Cuddle with your loved one or hang out with the whole family in front of your home studio with these. You can also purchase movies for the kids like the Magic Gift of the Snowman.

3. Cookies

With the holiday season, stores usually offer variety packs of cookies containing mouth watering flavors such as gingerbread, cinnamon, chocolate chip, pumpkin spice, and fudge brownie.

4. Chocolates

Truffles. Need I say more?

5. S’mores Maker

You can get a small S’mores maker and the whole family can enjoy it. It cooks up to two S’mores at once and prevents the marshmallow from overcooking and expanding. It’s easy to use with the easy-to-fill water reservoir, heater, and dishwasher compatibility.

6. Trinkets

Little girls will surely love Disney accessories. These can vary from necklaces to bracelets to charms.

7. Blue Lounge Cable Drop

This is perfect for the neat and tech savvy person. The Blue Lounge Cable Drop is a pack of six cable management clips. These things stick to any surface and can hold your cords to prevent tangling. The bright colors also add style to your walls.


The IKEA FIXA is a box of clips, fasteners, and binders perfect for the highly organized individual like the Cable Drop. The clips can be used for organizing wires and cables behind your TV sets, stereos, and desktop computers.

9. Ghost Lamp

Remember those ghostly creatures you use to run away from when you played Pac Man as a child? Or even as an adult? About 4” tall and USB-powered, these Ghost Lamps automatically illuminate the room once the lights go out. They have built-in sensors perfect for that ghostly feel. 

10. Flameless Wax Candle Set

Get that perfect glow this Christmas with a flameless candle set. You can get three flameless wax candles, battery-operated tea-light candles, and of course, batteries. The candles vary from 2” to 4” high.

How about you, how much are you planning on spending on Christmas gifts this year. Are you on a tight budget?

Cheap Dates!

Imagine a guy asking you out on a date and then asks you to pay for the meal. I am sorry, but that is such a turn off on so many levels.

My girlfriend got a call from a guy that she’s been friends with for some time, they’ve never really been interested in each other until recently when he asked her to go for some ice cream. She accepted since she thinks he’s a nice guy and since they’re both single, she figured she had nothing to loose.

They get to the ice cream shop and he asks her what she wants, she orders, then he orders. It’s time to pay and he goes in his pockets and pulls lint out of his pocket implying that he has no money. Huh! Why would you ask someone out if you have no money? He then asks her if she could pay for the ice cream. Of course she pays, since they’re both standing there with the ice cream in their hands with a line behind them and the cashier looking at my friend as if she’s saying to herself, thank god I am not on a date with this cheap bastard. Lol!

After they left the store he didn’t even apologize for not paying for the ice cream, he acted like it was the most normal thing to do. I would have been so annoyed that someone would actually do that and think nothing of it. I mean it’s one thing if you forgot your wallet at home, (which I would still think is a cop out for not wanting to pay) but to invite someone out and expect them to pay, especially when you showed interest, come on! Plus it was only ice cream. The total bill wasn’t even $10.

Maybe I am a bit old fashioned, but I think if a guy shows interest he should at least pay for the first couple of dates, especially if it’s dessert or a snack.

Some people go dutch on the first or second date. Forget dutch, I believe if a guy is really interested he should pay for the first couple of dates. Now a days guys don’t even want to do that, or maybe it’s what us woman are willing to put up with. I am not saying a woman should have a guy take her to the most expensive restaurant in town if he can’t afford it, but a nice date to impress a lady goes a far way.

A Wedding Can Be Beautiful Without Breaking The Bank!

If you missed my post a couple Friday’s ago, I got married! It was a small and beautiful wedding. The day was absolutely perfect, it was exactly the way we pictured it would be. We had 30 people at our wedding and reception.

My day started off at the hairdresser at 6:30am. I left the hairdresser at 8:00am and went home to get my make up done. My photographer showed up right on time at 8:45am to take some pictures while I got ready. My mom cooked up a storm, so everyone would have some breakfast before the wedding. The wedding started at 10:00am, and I arrived at 10:30. I was quite upset at myself for being late. I hate having people wait for me.

After the wedding we all went to the park for pictures and then to the restaurant for the reception.

I am so glad we changed our mind from getting married at City Hall to a church. I know I probably would have regretted that decision. But honestly we were thinking of the most cost effective way to enjoy our day. We then thought of using a friends backyard which overlooks Lake Ontario. But when we checked out tent prices, we said heck no! I can’t believe the prices for tents here are $700! Plus we would have to rent chairs, tables and pay for food.  With our family, finger food wouldn’t cut it so we would have to cater a complete meal. We scrapped that idea.

Besides, if we took my friends back yard route I would have been so stressed out for two weeks leading up to the wedding. It was scheduled to rain that Saturday and just a couple days prior to our day, the forecast changed to sunny with cloudy periods. I was so happy we were able to get some nice pics at the park. Our reception was at a restaurant that we got for free. We just had to pay for food and the drinks. We didn’t have an open bar since we’re not drinkers, but we do have family and friends who drink, so we paid for one alcoholic drink and an unlimited signature fruit punch drink.

Here is how much we paid for our big day!

Free things:

  • Dress (mother paid for it)
  • Cake (mom made it, cousin iced it)
  • Limo (mom paid for it)

Paid things:

  • Invitations $22.59
  • Earrings and hair accessories $30
  • Flower girl dress and ring bearer suit $70
  • Pastor $150
  • Food $1471
  • Church $350
  • Keyboard and violin player $200
  • Hair $75
  • Make up for myself, my mother, maid of honor, and my aunt $100
  • Photographer $500
  • Marriage license $140
  • Park permit $116.39
  • Flowers $210
  • Suit rental for hubby $197
  • Decorations $216
Grand total for our big day was $3847.98 and it was worth every penny! How much did your wedding cost?


What Kind Of Spender Are You?

I found this cool infographic the other day and thought I would find out what kind of spender you are. If you’re a girl like me you probably love to shop. As cheap as I am I still love to shop, but I love a great deal even more.

I really need to get some new clothes for work. It’s really hot here and pants are not cutting it. I need some nice summer dresses that I can wear everyday and some really nice skirts. Anything else pretty much makes me feel sticky in this weather.

To top it off my AC broke the other day and I haven’t had a chance to take my car in to the mechanic. I’ll do that this week.

There are many different type or spenders out there and this chart describes 11 of them. Check them out! 

I am definitely a haggler. I once called my banker to reverse 2 cents that was incorrectly charged to my account.  I will bargain to not only save $1 but 1 cent. It all adds up at the end of the day to me. When I go shopping I am not one to make a scene in the mall or anything like that, but I am sure not afraid to ask for a deal.

Scheduling my week around garage sales is not me. I actually couldn’t tell you the last time I’ve been to a garage sale. But that’s not to say I wouldn’t buy things at one, I just don’t see many in my area.

Some of my friends and family members probably do think I act like I am in a third world country. They haven’t said anything, but they have probably thought it. Ha ha

What kind of spender are you?

Infographic source

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