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Favorite Articles This Week!

There were lots of great articles around the web this week. I’ve discovered some great new blogs since one of my goals for my make money blogging challenge was to comment on a new blog each day. Here are my favorite articles that I came across this week.

J.Money wrote about having blog insurance. I never thought of this before reading his article, but it sure would be interesting if there was blog insurance. I wonder what the prices would be.

Andrea at So Over This wrote about Customer Service and the lack of it nowadays. I find when you are extremely polite, you get your own way with most companies. But some companies are just aweful to deal with.

Contented Momma created a cleaning schedule  since she has two kids. I will most likely do something similar when I have children. I’ll most likely add a cooking schedule as well.

Claire talked about couponing and the time she tried to make her own laundry detergent. I’ve heard of people doing this. I don’t have the patience to try. I do need to use coupons. I look for sales, but rarely use coupons.

Below Her Means told her boss she was taking on a new client as a part time job and her boss ended up getting a 10% raise anda $5,000 bonus. raise from her Maybe she should take on a second client and get a $10,000 raise.

Gail Vaz-Oxlade wrote an article on her wardrobe and how much money people spend on theirs. I personally don’t spend a lot of money on clothes and have a small wardrobe. If I haven’t worn something in a year, it’s going to Goodwill.

12 Things To Do After You’ve Written An Awesome Post!

I just love infographics, especially since I learn far better from pictures than words. I found this great infographic over at I Blog Zone that I just had to share. I also think I found this at the perfect timing since I am doing the How I make Money Blogging Challenge.

1. Keyword Optimize Your Post. I actually don’t do this but I know I need to. I’ve heard of other bloggers using Google Adwords, but I’ve never used it before.

2 & 3 I am currently doing. I started an RSS feed a while ago as well as a Twitter page. I shortened my URL on Twitter simply because it looks better shortened. I didn’t realize it was a great strategy.

4. I don’t currently tailor my posts to a specific group of people, but this is not a bad idea. I recently read somewhere that I can categorize my twitter followers. It would be great to be able to tailor my posts to those individuals that I know would benefit the most. I am going to look into this.

5. Do you post teasers on other sites?  I’ve never tried this and am not sure if it would go over too well. Let me know if you’ve done this or know someone who has.

6. I am only signed up with Twitter and Facebook for my blog. I haven’t explored any other social media sites. Although I am starting to like Pinterest, I may open an account with them.

7 & 8 I have been doing for a while. I recently challenged myself to comment on at least 5 blogs a day, with one being a new blog. I found myself blogging on the same blogs and not meeting any new bloggers. I have also asked for help on Twitter as well as Facebook. Both are great places to seek advice.

9. Another great idea is to add my latest blog to my signature. I currently have my website, Twitter and Facebook links, but my latest post would add that additional touch and probably bring more traffic to my blog if the headline interests the reader.

10. This would be great for my newsletter subscribers.

11. I recently started my newsletter and haven’t been adding my articles to my newsletter. I am going to start adding related articles to provide additional content to my newsletters.

12. I have been asked to do this, but have never asked another blogger to link to my post. Maybe it’s time to start.

Do you do all these things after writing an article?

Infographic source

Another Hacker!

Hey guys, if things look a little wonky on my blog, I do apologize. I’ve been hacked again. I know my header looks a bit weird with all of the spacing. There may be some other things out of line as well.

I am working to fix the problem right now. Everything should be back to normal shortly.

Thanks for your patience.

From Blogger To WordPress

Today’s my first post since leaving blogger. I finally got most of the posts over here from blogger, I haven’t perfected this site yet, I am still trying to figure out why the comments haven’t been imported. The names of the people who commented on previous posts are there, but not their comment. I wish I had just started with WordPress rather than Blogger. It would have made my life so much easier. I spent so much time trying to figure out what theme to use and how to format my top menu. When I FINALLY figured it out, it was so simple. I am not a techie person at all, so I had to read a lot of WordPress forums and some You Tube videos which were quite helpful. I do wish WordPress had a customer service line that I could call.

Have any of you switched from Blogger to WordPress? Was it easy for you?

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