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Property Matrix: A Review

Property MatrixWith so many property management software packages on the market, determining which one actually suits your specific needs requires some time and effort. But if you are looking for one that is geared towards multi-family unit homes and apartment complexes, then consider using a property management system.

Property Matrix is a state-of-the-art property management system that offers a full suite of applications for managing multiple properties simultaneously, such as tenant and lease tracking, building maintenance, property accounting and customer relation management (CRM). It delivers all these features in an easy-to-use, sleek and attractive interface.

Considering most users are too busy to bother with lengthy user training, the software package is designed for ease of use. The most striking thing about it is that it allows access to multiple features from a single page, which makes its painless for even first time users to find what they are looking for with little effort. Thus, it can easily get five out of five stars on user friendliness.

  • The Properties Page allows you to manage marketing, billing and maintenance at the same time. You can quickly and easily do things like filtering for vacancies or specific units, checking on maintenance requests and creating invoices. While saving you time, it helps you get a clear picture of everything that is going on.
  • The Owner’s Portal gives you access to everything that you need to manage and monitor your property, whether you want to view statements, check maintenance costs or make sure that tenants have paid their rent. You can manage all your bills, invoices and revenue right from this page.
  • The Accounting Page gives you access to a robust accounting package that comes with a general ledger, accounts receivable, accounts payable and a detailed transactional history to keep track of all the money coming in and payments going out to vendors. You can schedule recurring payments, apply discounts to specific sections on a lease, and accept visa payments.

Maintenance is a very important part of property management. Property Matrix comes with a full-featured maintenance module that allows users to report incidences, which is then routed to the maintenance panel so that someone can be quickly assigned to handle the request.

Property Matrix is a cloud-based system. As you may already know, a cloud-based system has several advantages, such as increased productivity with fewer workers (economy of scale), reduced spending on IT infrastructure, reduced capital costs, improved accessibility (you can access it anytime from anywhere), reduced personnel training, the ability to change or upgrade the system easily and without much cost, as well as there is no need to buy expensive software licenses.

The pricing is really simple: $1 per unit per month with a $200 minimum. All of the necessary features and services are included in the price.

Property Matrix helps you communicate with owners and tenants faster, collect payment faster, easily share information with property owners, post impressive ads to attract tenants, monitor your finances easily, and manage multiple properties effortlessly.

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