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Online Dating Marriages are Stronger

A study published in the academic journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences revealed the most unexpected and amazing thing about romantic relationships. It appears that individuals who have met their spouse for the first time online have higher chances of building longer and more satisfying marriages.

With all skepticism aside, it seems that online relationships end up in happier marriages with a smaller chance of getting a divorce than couples who meet offline. Whether meeting through a dating website or social media, couples founded online do have stronger marriages. How can that be? There are quite a few theories that seem to explain not only why couples stay together more often, but also why they might be slightly happier.

The first theory relies on the fact that individuals who meet their spouse online tend to be more selective in their efforts of picking a partner. The online environment allows individuals to be honest about what they really want in a relationship and makes it easier for them to share that truth with prospective partners. A relationship that is based on truth continues to build even more trust over the years and lasts longer. When anxiety is taken out of the equation, it makes room for honesty and transparency, which ultimately contributes to cementing a long lasting relationship.

Another theory suggests that individuals who end up forming marriages after meeting online tend to have a different motivation for doing so than those who meet in bars, through work, or blind dates. In fact, many of these people set out to seek a partner for life, not a simple fling. They believe in love and they are totally driven by their goal of finding love. Consequently, they are more likely to succeed in finding their soul mate because they are more determined to do so.

The results of the study shocked the academic world and were met with skepticism by married couples who met the conventional way. However, the findings are impossible to ignore given the fact that the number of people meeting online continues to grow every day. Many times, such meetings finish up in solid business connections, friendships, and sometimes marriages. As shocking as it may sound, data clearly suggest that the Internet may be changing the outcomes and dynamics of marriage itself.

Online dating involves a meticulous questionnaire designed to reveal the most compatible partner for an individual. The fact that people are more compatible from the start also seems to play a significant role in the success of future marriages. The chances of identifying that single most compatible individual are higher online, as dating websites offer a pool of potential mates.  Within this context, it seems obvious why online relationships stand higher chances of ending up in long lasting and happy marriages.

The internet has altered every possible aspect of life. It now offers hope in a world where so many couples break up and so many families, children, and communities are torn up by marital discord.

What do you think about this study?

P.S: YAH! That means hubby and I have a good chance of staying together since we met online! Whoo hoo!

I Told My Boss About My Blog

I recently decided to tell my boss about my blog because of a couple of opportunities that recently came my way. Remember a few months ago when I told you about my radio interview on Gail Vaz-Oxlade’s show about my debt pay off. Well that ended up leading to Gail putting my story on her Facebook page and her website.

Shortly after that interview, I noticed that one of her “Other Voices” was moving on and wouldn’t be blogging for her any more. So I sent Gail an email and told her all about my background and about my blog and asked if I could blog for her. She told me she had filled the position, but wanted me to send her some articles that I would publish on her site, and she would get back to me when another opportunity arises.
Thankfully she loved the articles and contacted me a few weeks ago to ask me if I would be available to be one of her “Other Voices”. You know I jumped all over that opportunity. I actually published my first article last Monday right here. Check it out. My second one went up today. I publish articles on her site every Monday.
Right around the same time, an editor from Redbook Magazine contacted me and wanted to interview me about my debt pay off. I completed the interview last week, and it should be published in their July or August edition. They haven’t decided which month it will be in yet.
Since these opportunities came up and I am confident that more will come, I thought it would be best to tell my boss, just to make sure there is no conflict of interest, since I work in the financial world. I also kept wondering if they ever found out, how awkward it would be, so it was mostly for my peace of mind.
I was really nervous when I called my boss, but I figured the sooner I got it over with, the better it would be. So I told him about the opportunities as well as my blog, he said he would have to find out and get back to me, but he thought it would be fine. 10 minutes later he called me back, and said not only was it okay, but that he would give it to me in writing that I was okay to proceed.
I am not really sure what I would have done if he told me that my blog, or writing for Gail would be a conflict. Thankfully it all worked out.
When I got the email in writing, it said I can continue to blog, as long as I don’t mention my company name in my blog, or when I am writing for Gail. Since I don’t really mention my name on this blog, it’s also okay.
Has anyone told their boss about their blog, I would love to know.
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2 Million Americans Quit Their Jobs Monthly

Photo by johnkohts

Photo by johnkohts

According to the US Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics, the world of business is facing an alarming fact where over 2 million Americans quit their jobs monthly. This is quite a high number considering the unemployment rate in the U.S is high and the economy is still unstable. The category for voluntary quits is following an increasing trend and is projected by the experts to continue to grow in the next few years.

You might be wondering why so many people quit their jobs every month when they have families to support and other needs to meet. But unhappiness inside the workplace is the number one reason why employees leave. Check out some additional reasons why people are quitting.

Employees do not like their direct superior.

A lot of managers may not be aware that they are the reason why their employees leave. If you are a manager and you are dealing with a high turnover rate, you should try to examine your leadership style and check if something is missing or in excess. A good boss is somebody who is ready to listen to the needs of his staff. Employees want to feel respected, recognized and compensated accordingly. If you cannot meet these needs, you will likely find yourself dealing with one voluntary quit after another.

Internal politics

Negative politics in the organization can adversely affect the morale of employees. It is the role of managers to find ways to eliminate negative behaviors, attitudes and gossip.

If by any chance you have identified employees that cause issues in the workplace, you have to be bold enough to voice your opinion that you will not allow internal politics to get in the way of office productivity. Every member of your team or department must know that you will not allow disruptive office politics and you want to establish a healthy working environment.

Lack of appreciation

A simple act of appreciation could mean a lot to employees. Sad to say, many employees feel rejected because their efforts often go unnoticed. If you want to motivate your employees to become more industrious, the best way to make it happen is to reward employees for their hard work and give real time feedback for a job well done.

Lack of autonomy

Approvals and checkpoints often cause intrusion and lessen the sense of ownership to accomplish tasks among employees. Recent studies point out that workers have a better chance to succeed in their assignments when they are given a chance to own and solve work-related problems in innovative ways. If you never give your staff a chance to break free from the old methods, you are depriving them the opportunity to address problems in their own ways.

The feeling of being empowered can effectively boost employee morale. And if employees get this kind of feeling regularly, they will be happier to stay with the organization and would no longer think of finding other companies to work for. A regular employee does not only have company goals but personal aspirations as well. For instance, you can empower working parents by giving them a chance to start working at a later time or allowing them to accomplish a part of their tasks at home. A more flexible schedule is just a minor step that management can take but it can dramatically bring about increased productivity and job satisfaction on the part of employees.

Have you ever quit a job? If so, what was your reason?


Liposuction, Tummy Tucks, Botox, Why Do We Put Our Bodies Through All That Torture?

I met this very sweet couple when we were in Vegas on our drive to our ATV tour. They are from Atlanta which is my absolute favorite city in the world. We started talking about their life and how they have been married for 40 years. I asked them what their secret was, which is a question I ask everyone I meet who has been married for more than 10 years, and the wife said plastic surgery. I just died with laughter when she told me that.

She was about 70 years old and has had at least 5 or 6 plastic surgery’s. After her third child she had a tummy tuck, and liposuction. Then she didn’t like how her face looked once she hit 50, so she decided to get a couple of facelifts, and currently gets botox every so often. She even paid for her daughter in law to get botox the other day. That was her birthday gift.
All this plastic surgery talk got me thinking about all of the crap us ladies do to our bodies. A few months ago, I told you about a friend of a friend who moved fat from her thigh to put in her butt, for $3000.  I mean what happened to us ladies that we hate the way we look, that we would cut and carve our bodies to look like something or someone else. What ever happened to just accepting and loving the way we look. I mean I am guilty of it as well. I put chemicals in my hair to make it straight and I wear make up to cover up my imperfections.
It’s really not that different. I just haven’t thought of going under the knife because I am absolutely terrified of knives, needles, and pain, especially when it’s voluntarily done. No thanks!
Whatever happened to going to the gym when we want to loose weight? People just want to pop in a pill, or go to the doctor for a quick fix. But does anyone ever think about the long term affects of all that surgery? All because we want to look younger or like the the latest celebrity on TV.
We have really lost touch with what’s important in life.
How far have you gone, or would you go to look younger, or better?

My Dumb Near Death Experience

I saw this letter online and thought it was funny and nice at the same time.

Two weeks ago we had the worst snow storm since 2008. When it first started, I didn’t think it was going to be that bad, so I headed to the hairdresser which is on the other side of town. On my way home, while I was driving on the highway, I switched lanes, lost control of my vehicle and did a 360 and slammed into the guard rail. When my car stopped, it was perfectly parked in the opposite direction of traffic. I am okay, thank God! The way my car hit the guard rail, I definitely thought there was a lot of damage.

When I got out the car to check out the damage, there were just a few scratches on my bumper and fender. Since I wasn’t hurt, and there wasn’t much damage to the car, I was thinking of a way to turn my vehicle around on the highway and head home. Within a minute of thinking that, the Police and a tow truck showed up. The Police office said he got a call saying there was a car driving in the opposite direction on the highway. I guess because my car was perfectly parked against the guard rail and my lights were on, people assumed it wasn’t an accident. The officer said he thought it was a drunk driver when he got the call.

Since the damage was under $1000 he didn’t bother doing a report. The officer asked the tow truck guy to turn my car around, since it was in the opposite direction of the traffic. I asked the tow truck guy if he was going to charge me for turning my car around. Hubby was on the phone saying he can’t believe I am even thinking about money.

I don’t know what it is, but I had a near death experience and I was thinking about the cost, which I know is bad. There are so many things that could have made this accident a lot worst than it was. If a truck was right behind me, it would have been a completely different case. By the way, the tow truck guy didn’t charge me! Lol

The Dumb Part

I didn’t have winter tires, I had all season tires. I live in Canada, and winter comes right around the same time every year. We get snow every single year, some years, it’s worst then others, but since I was born, we’ve gotten snow every single year. I didn’t get winter tires because I’ve never been in a accident with my all season tires.

However, prior to my accident, my car would skid every so often when I would break suddenly, which should have been a clue to get winter tires. On top of that, one week prior to my accident, my mother had a vision about me getting into an accident. She called me immediately after her vision and told me that she saw that I was in an accident, but I was not hurt. She said angels were protecting me, then she said get winter tires. You would have thought that would have been a clue, considering my mom has had visions since I was a kid, and they are ALWAYS true.

    I didn’t listen and it cost me big time! Not only financially, but it almost cost me my life.

I brought my car to the mechanic to get winter tires and to fix the damage to my bumper. My mechanic also does body work and paints vehicles, which was great, so I didn’t have to bring it somewhere else after getting my tires installed. My tires were around $1000 for all four winter tires. I know I could have gotten cheaper tires, but since I purchased them right after a snow storm, which is when all tire companies jack up their prices, I was out of luck.

Although there were only a few scratches on my bumper and fender, there was quite a bit of damage underneath by bumper. All of the brackets were broken and unfortunately my bumper could not be saved, so I had to buy a whole new bumper. The bumper was $375, but the labour was $700, the brackets and some other damaged parts behind the bumper came up to $300. So my total bill was $2375. All of this because I didn’t listen to my mom’s vision!

Has anyone in your life had a vision or a dream about you and you didn’t listen and ended up paying the price?

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